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iPod Docking Station Review: CTA Digital IP-RS2 SoundStage Speaker

Inexpensive and compact, the CTA Digital IP-RS2 SoundStage Speaker is at best suitable. Small enough to fit on the tiniest of end-tables, the oval shaped docking station provides angled, circular speakers that project sound farther. While most docking stations provide speakers that face outward, these provide speakers that face upward. Compatible with any iPod model, […]

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Is Quality Writing Important on AC? Absolutely!

AssociatedContent touts itself as “The People’s Media Company”. As such, a variety of writing levels and styles are published on AC, leaving Content Producers to sometimes wonder…Is quality important for submissions on AC? The answer is yes. Quality matters. Quality writing matters more to some than others, but everyone benefits from quality, error free writing […]

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Traveling or staying at home

Honestly, I am a very simple lady. Of all my travels, what I have come to appreciate the most were the natural landscapes and sometimes eclectic structures that have been augmented through time and history. But if I were to choose specific locations, internationally, they would be the Okayama Castle and the Electric City [Akihabara] […]

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