I love this company. Yeah, that’s it, I am a big fan of using mobile phone filters when I do cellphone photography. Filters make all the difference. Even though the cameras are very high quality, putting a light filter on, not one that distort or distract from the source of the image, but one that enhances, is something that I have no issue with. To be fair, I understand what some people are purists about this kind of thing, but I truly believe that photography doesn’t always capture the essence of the way that we see something in real life anyway. Sometimes, by using filters to accentuate certain elements, the message that you were trying to get across with a photograph can actually become much clearer and more effective. In this way, I don’t consider this impure or false, I see it as a sort of poetic truth. But, maybe some people don’t have the same in-depth insights regarding cell phone photography as me, and I respect opinions that don’t respect mine, or maybe not ones that don’t respect mine, but ones that don’t completely align.
Because really that’s the whole thing about photography you know it’s like, if you decide that you want to practice photography with the cell phone these days you actually can, whereas when I was young, you need to buy a really nice camera. I suppose it’s just as expensive these days, but the need for a camera seem to disappear if you just want to take regular photography. Though, I will say, that using a nice DSLR with a select lens will always provide a better result than using your phone, even if it’s just slight.

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