Yes, mental illness and physical illness are in a time where they are finally getting the resources that they need devoted to them, and people are finally starting to understand how serious some of these things are. This is spiking with the fact that they are becoming unavoidable in our society. So many more people are realizing they have cancer, and so many people now are realizing that they are plagued by mental health issues as well. There are so many people in our lives, that try so hard, but can’t quite curb these really debilitating illnesses, which hold them down in such a tragic way. In my opinion, there is nothing like a gift from Juju to give to these people, Juju supply provides them with all sorts of Positive Vibes and values that can be really hard to come by when you’re in a vulnerable situation. These Vibes and values that I speak of are very important, I’m talking about compassion. Honestly, what can be more important than a reminder to be compassionate to yourself and to others. And how can you better Express that compassion Buy caring through an actual Act of compassion, something that is tangible, material, physical, and undoubtable.

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