My birthday is fast approaching and I am dreading getting old haha! Kidding aside, well I realized a lot of things as I grow a year older. I realized that material things do not matter to me anymore. Well, i received a lot of material things during my past birthday celebrations. My friends gave me a mobile phone, one gave me some gadgets, books, gift certificates in a nearby spa and salon, a Zegarki wood watch, bags, and even household appliances. But now as I am over 30-years-old, I realized that material things are just for short term usage. It will not last forever. And so what I wish for my birthday, which will come a month from now, is that for everyone to have love and peace in their lives, especially among my loved ones. For the past years I’ve witnessed hatred, guilt, weariness, and many negative thoughts that it became really stressful. I hope my loved ones will find the way to ditch those negative feelings to others and just let love and peace embrace their lives. For the next years, and probably for the rest of my life, this will all I will be wishing. I wish everyone too shall feel the same feeling as what I am feeling right now, to help  and pray for each other.

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