DON’T PANIC. ( In honor of the eclectic and hilarious author, Douglas Adams. R.I.P.)
Quick answer: This assumes you know what you are doing and just need the settings.

In Adobe Dreamweaver CS5:

Click on ‘Site’, then manage site or new site, depending on how far you have gotten already.
Choose ‘Edit’ then ‘Servers’
Double click your existing server, or hit ‘+’ sign to create a new one.

Server Name: Use the Server IP address from the Godaddy Domain Control Panel ( or whatever)
Connect Using: FTP
FTP Address: (That’s it. no no http://, just
Username: Your unique Godaddy FTP username (not account login name). you can find it on the Godaddy Hosting Dashboard as well. In the top left corner, it is listed as your Admin User Name.
Password: Your unique FTP server password. Remember it had one upper case, a number, etc.
Root Directory: Leave it blank.
Web URL:

Click on ‘More Options’ tab
Check ‘Use Passive FTP’
Un-check ‘use FTP performance optimization’

In case you are fumbling with Godaddy’s site navigation (join the club), here is how to get to the Hosting Dashboard:

Login, then click ‘My Account’ in top right. Select ‘My Products’.
Below the list of domain names is the ‘Products’ header. Click on “WEB HOSTING”.
Press the green ‘LAUNCH’ button for the appropriate site.
Now you are at the Hosting Dashboard, and can get your needed info.

That’s it. Best of luck. There are situations where you will want to specify a root directory, but if you know that much you are likely hosted elsewhere and not having issues. I am also looking into studying¬†.net cms¬†because an expertise in this area is vital for the success of a company.

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