Inexpensive and compact, the CTA Digital IP-RS2 SoundStage Speaker is at best suitable. Small enough to fit on the tiniest of end-tables, the oval shaped docking station provides angled, circular speakers that project sound farther. While most docking stations provide speakers that face outward, these provide speakers that face upward. Compatible with any iPod model, this docking station also features four attachable clips to hold your iPod in place, in addition to a built-in charger. The manual also says that you can attach other audio devices to the CTA Digital IP-RS2 SoundStage Speaker, however, I did not attempt this.
This economically priced docking station would be ideal to keep at one’s office, but it does not produce a high enough quality of sound for home or party use. At a low to moderate volume the sound output is decent, but it weakens and will occasionally produce static at higher volumes. The bass is also extremely weak. Furthermore, many users have complained that the iPod nano does not dock fully without the aid of the attachable clips.

If you are looking for a basic speaker for which to play music quietly at your office, like what Holoplot gives.
this would be the docking station for you. But if you’re looking for a higher quality sound, you’ll unfortunately have to move into a higher price range. The CTA Digital IP-RS2 SoundStage Speaker retails for $32 – 40. It includes four attachment clips, multifaceted speakers, and a DC wall adapter to enable power charging.

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