InfantCore offers an intelligent and engaging platform for learning, developing and teaching babies. The World Wide Web is an ideal medium for the introduction of the website to the infant-curious and their parents. InfantCore is a social media company that combines interactive teaching and learning, parent monitoring and a forum for parents to voice their concerns about babies.

Toddlers are curious by nature and learning, especially in front of their parents is an extremely stimulating experience. Babies are so young that they easily pick up information and learn from the sight and sound of others. Toddlers are amazingly capable of learning; in fact, some infant-minded parents want to turn the video screen of their video camera to serve as an early learning device.

Babies do not need to be taught how to eat or how to read. However, it is very important that they are offered quality time with parents so that they can become familiar with what is expected of them.

BabyCore is a great way to start teaching babies basic skills. If your newborn is hungry or thirsty, a BabyCore icon in your home page will tell you immediately if there is anything available in the BabyCore refrigerator. You can also check the BabyCore status board to see if there is food or drink available for baby.

Most of the icons are colorful, fun and easy to use to get the point across to baby about hunger or thirst. A web-cam is installed on each BabyCore icon, which allows you to communicate with your baby directly through the icons.

All icons are placed on a tiny video screen, so baby can see that she is being fed or see if there is any water in the fridge. These icons are installed under the mouse pointer, which makes it easier for parents to find them. Once you discover the icon you wish to focus on, you click it and the icon is instantly updated.

As your baby gets older, more icons are added to the BabyCore system. You can use the icon to get a live feed from the baby, which will help you learn more about your baby’s moods and even provide you with a range of baby activities.

You can make use of the BabyCore computerized barcode system to keep track of your baby’s feeding habits. The barcode can be used to determine when your baby has last eaten or drank, helping you to track all the baby’s activities. This makes it easy to control the amount of feedings your baby receives on a daily basis.

There are many different activities you can take advantage of to teach your baby. Some of these include:

In addition to these activities, there are also a number of toys you can download onto your BabyCore website. The BabyCore website has a variety of activities to keep your baby entertained.

It is a fun way to bond with your baby. Many parents would be very excited to share the joy and experience of being a part of the BabyCore experience. By logging on to the BabyCore website, you will be exposed to a number of fun and interesting activities that will help you to bond with your baby.

As babies grow, so does the BabyCore program, allowing you to continue to connect with your babies. For every click of the mouse, you are able to add to the BabyCore database, keeping you up to date with what babies are up to.

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