How I Met Your Mother remains one of the most relatable TV series when it comes to relationships, friendships, and trying to navigate your life between your twenties and thirties, and then forties. Over its nine-season span, the show gave us memorable and instantly classic quotes that ranged from funny one-liners that made us LOL to sound relationship advice that touched our hearts. Actually,the show was responsible for some of the funniest lines in recent sitcom history.

Here We Go!

HIMYM Quotes

“Whenever I’m sad, I stop being sad and instead be great.”-Barney Stinson

“It’s just, at some point, we’re all going to move on. It’s called growing up.”- Lily Aldrin

“The future is scary, but you can’t just go back to the past because it’s familiar. Yes, it’s tempting, but it’s a mistake.”-Robin Scherbatsky

“This cake. The best pie I’ve ever had. Seriously, my stomach was like, ‘Hey bro, I don’t know what you’re eating because I don’t have eyes, but it’s basically great, so keep sending it to Gullet Alley.'” – Marshall Eriksen

“Everyone has an opinion about how long it takes to recover from a breakup.”-Ted Mosby
“I realized I was searching and looking for what I really wanted in life. And you know what? I have absolutely no idea what that is.”-Barney Stinson

“We fight so hard to hold on to these things that we know will eventually go away. And that’s really noble.”- Lily Aldrin

“Because sometimes, even if you know how something is going to end, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride.”-Ted Mosby
“That’s life, you know. We never end up where you thought you wanted to be.”-Marshall Eriksen
“Oh my god, look at you cowards. So afraid of any kind of change. So scared of anything new. So, so desperate to cling to something comfortable and familiar.”-Robin Scherbatsky
“A lie is just a great story that someone ruined with the truth.”-Barney Stinson

“The three-day rule is a childish, manipulative mind game. But yes, you wait three days.”- Lily Aldrin

“I ate the whole pizza. I woke up all greasy and sweaty. My sheets looked like what they wrap deli sandwiches in. Maybe I should go to the gym. Do you go to the gym?”-Ted Mosby

“I get recognized one time and I think I’m Julia Roberts. I’m not a VIP; I’m not even an IP; I’m just a lonely little P sitting out here in the gutter.”-Robin Scherbatsky

“Every Halloween, I bring a spare costume in case I hit it off with the hottest girl at the party. That way I have a second chance to make a first impression.”-Barney Stinson

“Revenge fantasies never work out the way you want them to.”-Marshall Eriksen

“So the biggest mistake would be not to make that mistake, because then you won’t know your whole life whether something was a mistake or not.”- Lily Aldrin

“I finally found that one, Marshall. Your name is Speck.”-Ted Mosby

“The best thing I can give you is a fake smile and dead eyes.”-Robin Scherbatsky

“I realized I was searching and looking for what I really wanted in life. And you know what? I have absolutely no idea what that is.”-Barney Stinson

“I never asked Lily to do anything” no questions asked ” because I never wanted to. She is the love of my life. I never think anything of her.”-Marshall Eriksen

“Your package has always been big enough. You may not realize it, Marshall Eriksen, but you have a huge package.”- Lily Aldrin

“Look, I know the odds are that the love of my life is not going to magically walk through that door at 2:43 in the morning in a pumpkin costume. But it just seems so nice to just sit and wait.”-Ted Mosby

“I don’t want to get married now, maybe ever, and if we did get together, I feel like I’d either have to marry you or break your heart, and I just couldn’t do either of those things. Like you can’t shut down the way you feel.”-Robin Scherbatsky

“It’s going to be lay…wait for it…and I hope you’re not lactose intolerant, because the second half of that word is…dary!”-Barney Stinson

“Somewhere along the line I forgot to pursue my dream, and now I’m old and I’m a mother, and it’s just too late for me.”- Lily Aldrin

“Whether a gesture is charming or alarming depends on how it is received.”-Ted Mosby

“Lily, there are a million reasons why I love you. You make me laugh, you take care of me when I’m sick, you’re sweet, caring, and you even created an eggshell and named it after me. She puts a little Italian dressing on the eggs before she cooks them, it’s called eggs, and it’s great. But the main reason is because you’re my best friend, Lily. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.”- Marshall Eriksen

“If I ask you to change too many things about yourself, you won’t be the man I fell in love with. It turns out I accept and appreciate even the grossest, creepiest, most sociopathic parts of you.”-Robin Scherbatsky

“Maybe this isn’t a breakup. Maybe this is just two friends getting back together.”-Barney Stinson

“Definitions are important.”- Lily Aldrin

“I really don’t like feelings.”-Robin Scherbatsky

“I’m cuddly. Getting around.”-Marshall Eriksen

“The only reason to wait a month for sex is if she’s 17 years and 11 months old.”-Barney Stinson

“Shouldn’t we hold out for the person who not only tolerates our little quirks, but actually likes them?”-Ted Mosby

“We spend an hour arguing about where to eat and we still end up here. I haven’t eaten in two days. For the love of God, can we please order something now?”-Robin Scherbatsky

“I’m a good friend in my sleep.”-Marshall Eriksen

“Believe it or not, I wasn’t always as great as I am today.”-Barney Stinson

“Some couples always support each other, and some couples always challenge each other. But is one really better than the other? Yes. Support is better. Much better.”- Future Ted Mosby

“In marriage, being right is less important than being supportive. Remember, happy wife equals happy life.”- Lily Aldrin

“I don’t know where I’ll be in five years. I don’t want to know. I want my life to be an adventure.”-Robin Scherbatsky

“You have to let me dance my own battles.”-Marshall Eriksen

“I used to be in such a hurry all the time. Everything was so urgent. Now I think if it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen when it happens. I’m not going anywhere; she’s not going anywhere. What’s the rush, right?”-Ted Mosby

“You know what Marshall has to do. He needs to stop being sad. When I get sad, I stop being sad and instead be great. True story.”-Barney Stinson

“Oprah wasn’t built in a day.”- Lily Aldrin

“If you give up on people that quickly, you’re going to miss out on something great.”-Robin Scherbatsky

“You’ll be shocked, kids, when you discover how easy it is in life to part with people forever. That’s why, when you find someone you want to keep, you do something about it.”-Ted Mosby

“Death is all around us.”-Marshall Eriksen

“Article 24:” When wearing a baseball cap, a bro can position the brim at either 12 o’clock or 6 o’clock. All other angles are reserved for rappers and retards.”-Barney Stinson

“The more you fight it, the worse it gets. It’s like when your car slides on ice, you stir into the slide.”-Ted Mosby

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