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A Review of a Watch

I am reviewing my new watch because so far, it gives me good vibes. As you know I always review things on my blog—from clothes, to books, movies I recently saw, even kitche wares and make-up, beauty products and hair styling products. Almost everything that I use and purchase for my daily living. Even my […]

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My Birthday Wish

  My birthday is fast approaching and I am dreading getting old haha! Kidding aside, well I realized a lot of things as I grow a year older. I realized that material things do not matter to me anymore. Well, i received a lot of material things during my past birthday celebrations. My friends gave […]

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A Gift from Juju

Yes, mental illness and physical illness are in a time where they are finally getting the resources that they need devoted to them, and people are finally starting to understand how serious some of these things are. This is spiking with the fact that they are becoming unavoidable in our society. So many more people […]

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