Honestly, I am a very simple lady. Of all my travels, what I have come to appreciate the most were the natural landscapes and sometimes eclectic structures that have been augmented through time and history. But if I were to choose specific locations, internationally, they would be the Okayama Castle and the Electric City [Akihabara] in Japan, the Venetian Hotel in Macau, and the Santa Maria del Fiore in Italy. With regards to the local provinces here.


I love travelinf and going to places but I also love staying at home. I love how I just cuddle at home with my pets, surf the net, (thanks to my sister who access point test first our internet before anything). What I envision for our foundation is to achieve greater heights of awareness for its mission, its objectives and the ideals it promotes. It is not an easy task to spread peace in a world filled with cynics. Furthermore it is impossible to prosper if all men were after succeeding only for their self benefaction. Just read our history books, not one country has grown through decades, without experiencing internal conflicts, injustice and problems at unification. Politicians are power hungry, street children are begging to satisfy literal hunger, wars are being declared here and there, the list is endless.

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